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Custom Furniture - A Dining Banquette with Edge

Our clients purchased a new home recently and all the furniture we bought for their previous home, only five years prior, was relocated to the new house. Everything was still in great condition so they were hoping to use it all, but when it landed in the new rooms, things just didn't look as good as they did in the old house!

Even when you up-size your home, the furniture from a previous house doesn't always fit the same way in new rooms with different proportions. Sometimes it just needs tweaking.

This is what the dining area of the kitchen looked like in their previous home (above). The kitchen door to the left of the table lead to the backyard pool, which inspired the whole colour scheme and easy, beach vibe. The smaller linen bench here worked perfectly for their needs: two adults, who love to eat out and enjoy travelling and the outdoors.

The new custom dining banquette is extra tall and super cozy with a channel-back and a luxe grey velvet fabric.

We made sure to have the fabric treated with a stain resistant finish before it went to the fabricator, so they don't have to worry about spills and messes. It's an easy clean up with just soap and water.

Indigo faux leather chairs with polished nickel nail heads are durable and chic.

The table has a weathered wood base to provide textural contrast for the glass table top that floats atop the wood posts.

Since this room has high vaulted ceilings and built-in cabinetry, it was important to create balance along this wall. The tall cabinet dominated the open concept space and the bench was lost next to it.

So, we made the new one 55" tall and also added an extra foot to the width; now six feet wide it can accommodate three people for dinner, or four people for drinks and apps.

We will also be adding artwork above the bench and two wall sconces that will provide a lower level of lighting that creates ambiance and allows for a more intimate feeling during dinner.

This beautiful wall sconce by Hinkley Lighting has a lovely grey linen fabric shade with a brushed brass square accent detail below. It ties into the fabric of the banquette beautifully and casts light upwards for a soft glow.

The artwork will be black and white photography and will have dark/black frames. On the adjacent wall the client has a lovely large scale piece that will bring in a pop of colour, also black frame.

The pillows on the banquette will be larger, the lumbar pillows just don't cut it here. It's going to be very elegant but still livable and modern.

We like to call it ELEGANCE WITH EDGE.


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