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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

5 Reasons it's a Great Investment

Good design should tell the story of the people who live there, through both function and beauty.

infinite possibilities of your lifestyle through hobbies, interests, and passions

So, what do you value?

Everyone has different things they value about where and how they live.   

Some people want a highly organized space for the stuff of daily life or a treasured collection. They will invest in custom cabinetry to have everything in its place, hidden away or on display. 

Some want the feeling of an escape in a well-designed, modern bathroom where they can luxuriate in a free-standing tub or have a steam shower after a long day.  Self-care is a priority here.

Parents with teenagers may value space for their “young adults” to hang out at home with friends, but still be nearby where they can keep a casual eye on them. Here, peace of mind guides choices.

A designer's job is to understand what's most meaningful to you, as well as your specific lifestyle needs, current goals and into the future. 

Combined with the quirks or challenges of your home's existing condition, we assess the options and present the best solution to fill those requirements and, bring out the full potential of your space.

That's how your home can tell your story.


Creativity is a skill and a muscle that develops over time with consistent use. I've always loved the creative process of developing interesting design solutions that solve challenging design dilemmas.

The true beauty is when a client can trust the process and ride the wave of possibility with me. That's when the magic really happens!

Clients hire a Designer for their originality and (sometimes unbeknownst to them) to be taken a little out of their comfort zone.

Black wallpaper with a metallic finish, taking down a wall to re-imagine the floor plan, a spectacular dragon printed fabric on the back of a dining chair -  some of the ideas we've presented that ended up making these spaces extra special.

So, stop playing it safe and let an interior designer help you re-imagine your space - you never know what can happen!

Sourcing: Quality & Budget

Sometimes you have a strict budget, it may even be sizable, but it needs to be allocated strategically so you end up with a good quality foundation, while still able to finish a space before running out of funds.  We've found that it’s especially important to invest in quality for rooms and items that are heavily used everyday. 

A carefully crafted plan considers return on investment for major renovations. Good quality custom furniture delivers a higher lifetime value because it lasts longer. Whenever we show a client a beautifully made piece of furniture and explain the details of its craftsmanship, it's almost always received with new appreciation.

We work to balance the big ticket items with a supporting cast of decor that complements the overall design without breaking the bank. This mix of high/low design stretches the dollars while lifting the overall impression of the room.

When a client's wish list and budget don't align, we may suggest finishing one room at a time so that it can be done well and with quality. Trying to spread the budget too thin across multiple projects often results in not being able to completely finish any space the way it should be. Spending the time to plan up front, prioritize what you really want, and put aside a contingency fund will help manage the budget mistakes before they happen.

Industry Partners

We've all heard the horror stories from people who hired contractors and trades that not only did poor quality work but had no respect for the client’s home. 

When you hire an Interior Designer at the beginning of your design journey, we bring the trusted relationships with our contractors, tradespeople, and industry experts that have been built over years of collaboration on similar projects.

We have aligned ourselves with partners that share a similar work ethic and the dedication to quality workmanship and customer service that results in happy clients. 

Typically, you can expect to wait a few months to get a great contractor to work on your home renovation project... and its worth it to avoid the costly mistakes of inexperienced or unreliable trades.

Custom designed furniture, drapery, cabinetry and other items from our carefully selected team are included in the experts worth the investment.

Proven Process

There are hundreds of decisions to be made along the way in any design project or renovation and we've built step-by-step processes to ensure projects run smoothly. There will always be questions and concerns but good information, education and timely communication ensures everyone's on the same page. We have check points throughout to manage the project and ensure adherence to your approved plan.

It's our job to handle issues as they arise, and they always do. Sometimes it's a little thing we fix without bothering the client. Other times it's a big thing that impacts the budget or timeline (copper wiring or mold, for example). We make sure the options are evaluated, then we recommend a solution. You can then make an informed decision and we can get the project back on track with confidence.


  1. Your values & needs inform the design plan

  2. We bring creative problem solving to every project

  3. Quality selections based on budget, experience & planning

  4. Reliable contractors and industry partners offers peace of mind

  5. End-to-end structured processes prevent mistakes and save you time

If you want to find out how we can help you with your home renovation or interior design project, contact us to set up a quick discovery call to discuss your needs and review our process.

we would love to hear about your dreams for your home ---- Ana


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