Modern Rustic Loft

You know you're a designer when....


an empty room makes you squeal with joy!


That's what happened when I first saw my client's loft.  

Not just any loft, but an authentic schoolhouse built in 1894 that was converted into 66 unique apartments - featuring a towering 22 foot ceiling with timber beams, exposed brick, vaulted ceilings, a skylight and an open railing across the top floor bedroom.


Here's the before.  



Only the kitchen was installed when my client took possession of the 1100 sq. ft space.   

There's a bedroom and bathroom in the upstairs loft.  

 We had medium-tone hardwood floors throughout and creamy vanilla walls to work with.




This is my client's first home that she could decorate any way she wanted.  

She liked all the rustic elements that came with the space but wanted to ensure it was still very comfortable and a modern space for entertaining.  


The crazy thing about this cool space is that it lacked two very important elements,






There were only 2 hall fixtures in the whole place, along with the bathroom and under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.  So, that was a big priority!


Also, this client is a Fashionista, 

so we started in the bedroom by expanding the closet doorway to allow her to take advantage of the 10 foot height of the space.  The closet doors were removed and the opening raised 3 feet higher (they would be draped for privacy instead of getting custom made larger doors).  By not removing the center piece of drywall, we saved the expense of having to repair the floors and it allowed us to mount a new closet light switch on the outside center wall as well.




We also opened up the space under the stairs to create a huge 6 foot storage closet and extra crawlspace under the stairs landing.  This is where the luggage and seasonal items get stored. 





I created a floor plan that allowed for 3 distinct zones

Entertaining/TV watching

Work space / home office

Dining + Kitchen Area







Once all the structural and electrical needs were addressed, we focused on creating a comfortable space that was part rustic, part chic and very unique.






Reclaimed wood dining table with a metal base is accented by black Eiffel chairs with chrome legs.


The old bronze "sticks" pendant over the table is pretty huge and is a statement piece that can be seen from anywhere on the main floor.  I was ecstatic when I found the dramatic artwork hanging in the background and knew it would be perfect for this space and the client's style.





Cozy curved back sofa and an over-sized reclaimed wood coffee table with huge drawers provides great storage.  The huge window's frames were painted black to work with the space.




I created an 8'x8' chalkboard wall to help ground the office space as well as for function.

The framed picture is a wallpaper print I found of statistics formulas via Spoonflower.

(the homeowner is working on her PhD in Statistics - fun, right?!)

I'm still looking for a nice saucer to put under the concrete plan pot.







Love these asymmetrical steel mesh pendants over the kitchen island.

Staircase railings and posts were painted black to play up the architectural feature.  





Custom made live-edge shelves were installed between the pillars for more display. 

I found the perfect vintage red cabinet for added storage and a splash of colour.

We will be adding a mirror on the back wall behind the shelves and removing the coat rack that's there now.



 I framed some vintage magazine ads and created a gallery wall on the staircase landing.  

Some small mirrors with metallic frames add a little bit of sparkle and add light to the space.


A view of the dining space from the staircase landing.  



The view of the art and live edge desk from upstairs is even more dramatic against the black chalkboard wall.



A little Yves St. Laurent clutch and Jimmy Choo heels for extra glam styling (client's own).
I told you she was a Fashionista!


The vision for the bedroom upstairs was a bit more edgy than downstairs.

I found a cool wall mural of Torn Advertisements that created a dramatic backdrop for the bed.




For a bedside table, I found a wooden vintage school desk with black iron base that fits perfectly.

I had sleek metal sconces attached to the wall for night time reading.




Organized and filled closet space.  

Custom drapery panels in a black & white stripe on a simple iron rod keeps the room tidy.





We went for a "Rocker Glam" vibe with this vanity table.

The chrome sconces are not only very retro-cool, 

but they are practical when putting on make-up here.


This was a very fun project that came together in record time.  

It helps to have an easy-going client with a great sense of style; a reasonable budget that aligns with the requirements, and my skilled trades to help with the technical details.


Next project is the builder's basic powder room. 









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