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Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

PHOTOS by Kosta Bratsos

This main bathroom was dated, boring & beige, (see Before pic below) and it didn't work for a family of non-tub users. So, we removed the bath tub and reconfigured the layout to provide a large shower, making the space feel twice as big.

We knew we had to get rid of the bathtub because no one used it. This allowed us to change the layout incorporating the window in the shower space. Here's the new layout (below). With the wall between the vanity and tub removed, the visual divide was gone, and the space just automatically felt so much bigger.

The shower is now horizontal across the width of the bathroom. The glass doors allow you to see the whole bathroom from the entrance making it seem even larger.

Also, using the same tile on the bathroom floor and on the shower walls means continuous flow and again creates the illusion of more space.

We added recessed lighting in the ceiling and wall lights on the mirror for shaving or make-up application. All lights, including the shower light, are on separate switches with dimmers, so brightness can be adjusted for nighttime bathroom visits.

We also added in-floor heating under the porcelain tiles, which is a bit of a splurge, but it's actually great in the summer when the air conditioning makes the tile floors super cold. In the winter, it also helps to warm up the whole bathroom.

Another trick to making the space feel larger is laying the 12x24 tiles in the same direction on the floors and up the shower walls. Uninterrupted lines = sleek views.

We added a knee wall (42" high) between the vanity & toilet for a few reasons. Mainly, because I don't like to have the toilet so close to the vanity, but also for a place to hang the toilet paper (there's a small niche in the wall) and to add another electrical outlet.

We also had the back splash made 6 inches high to align with the knee wall. The black trimmed mirror goes all the way to the ceiling, the same way the black edging outlines the shower glass. This has the effect of making the eight foot ceiling seem taller. The over-sized mirror sits right on top of the quartz back splash and perfectly aligns with the top of the knee wall, which has the same quartz piece on top. All of these details were carefully planned up front to make sure there was a balance between light and dark elements.

Check out the built-in shower niche with 5 shelves!! The 2x2 tiles on the back match the floor tiles inside the shower. The niche was framed in dark grey quartz to create clean lines, it was also used to frame around the window and for the shower curb threshold. Limiting the amount of materials used and repeating elements helps to create a seamless, clean look.

Dark grey tiles with white counters & cabinetry looks luxurious, yet classic and lets the black accents create drama. We added sleek, linear wall lights with a chrome finish to coordinate with the shower fixtures (which really pop on the dark tiles). The simple yet sophisticated cabinet pulls are a combination of matte black & chrome. The faucet is also matte black.

Custom photography artwork brings in the pops of colour that can be changed anytime.

The walls, ceiling, doors and baseboards are all painted in Benjamin Moore Oxford White.

How's you're bathroom looking right now? Is it time for a change? Give us a call - we would be happy to talk about how we can breathe new life into your space.

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